Briana Ratterman


Hey there, I’m Briana Ratterman. I’m an actor, musician, and pilates instructor creating in the Pacific Northwest. 


I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working on camera, on stage, and sometimes in more surprising site-specific settings. Using voice, movement, paintbrush and paints, or musical instruments, I feel most alive when collaborating with others, and struggling through the beautiful discomfort of creating work that is honest, daring, and engaging. 

With a background in classical music, Meisner acting, folk accordion, oil painting, devised theatre, and song-writing, I often feel the tension of being pulled in many directions. However, I regularly have to remind myself to trust that these callings can magically work together. And they do. 


I’ve always known what I wanted:

to experience the profound joy and freedom that comes from having the courage to imagine and create.


As for Pilates, I am grateful for the regular practice of strengthening my center, moving outwards from a strong and grounded core. The work affects how I drive, how I move on stage, how I carry myself in front of the camera, how I rock-climb, and how I hold my chid. I watch my clients get stronger, grow more confident, and I am ever amazed at how this elegant mind-body conditioning can bring about countless positive changes.

— Briana Ratterman



(503) 274-8555